Suspects and motive to the death to the shooting incident still under police investigation.


Apó  E. Hápá 


gunSorsogon City, [06.28.18] – The assigned investigator on case in the reported shooting incident in Barangay Caditaan, Magallanes, Sorsogon is yet to release a progress report on their findings as of posting time.

The  tried to contact the Magallanes Municipal Police Station at noon time today through cellphone has failed to provide additional details on the fatal shooting incident.

A fatal shooting incident was reported to the Magallanes Municipal Police Station on Wednesday evening.

The latest victim was identified as Angelito Balquin Tobias, 48 years in Sitio [sub-village] Binalyuhan Caditaan, Magallanes, Sorsogon by two unidentified suspects, police spot report said.

The victim was shot in the head by the suspect inside their residence using a still unidentified gun.

After the first shot was fired hitting the victim’ s head who died instantaneously, one of the suspect has ordered the other house occupants to leave the house, the report ended.

Meanwhile, last April 2018 a cadaver of a male victim with a gunshot wound on his head was also discovered by a civilian along the road of Sitio Suwa, Barangay Caditaan in Magallanes.

Suspect in the shooting incident that killed the victim, Ruel Martinez, 36 years old was never identified.