A male teen-ager who coerced an 18 year old lass of posting a nude photo in social media has ended in an entrapment operation.


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A Sourced Google photo.

A Sourced Google photo.

Camp BGen. Simeon A. Ola, Legazpi City, [06.22.18] – A 19 year old male suspect of Paloyon Proper, Nabua, Camarines Sur landed in jail this afternoon after he was arrested in an entrapment operation in Iriga City for extortion.

A report reaching Camp B.General Simeon A. Ola, the arrested suspect was identified as France Chelsy Salcedo y Neonal, 19 years old, single.

According to police report the 19 year old suspect was entrapped by the elemenof Iriga City Police at the premise of St. Anthony de Padua Parish Patio, San Francisco, Iriga City past 5:10 o’clock this afternoon.

Salcedo’s extortion plan was nipped in the bud by authorities after the 18 years old victim , 18 years resident  of Iriga City sought police assistance.

Operatives of Iriga City Police Station set an entrapment operation that resulted to the suspect’s apprehension after accepting the marked money.

The suspect has blackmailed the victim that he will post a lewd photo in a social media, however his licentious desire has ended in a shameful arrest.

The suspect is now under police custody by Iriga City Police Station.