A high ranking officer of Communist Party of the Philippines’ Bicol Regional Party Committee and 24 others communist partisans abandoned CPP’s cause


Apó  E. Hápá




Sorsogon City, [06.12.18] – Twenty five regular members and a high-ranking leader of the New People’s Army in the province of Sorsogon has given up their revolutionary causes and opted to return to the fold of the law on June 10, 2018, an army report said.

jubanAccording to the issued information 1006-16-18 released to the www.philexaminer.com the 25 rebels surrendered last June 10, 2018 to Lieutenant Colonel Randy Espino the Commanding Officer of the 31st Infantry Battallion, 9th Infantry Division, Philippine Army in Barangay Añog, Juban, Sorsogon.

The report identified the surrenderees to be under the leadership of Jeffrey Benzon alias Hazel/Pita/Jeffrey of the PSRL, CO, SYRG and Secretary  of  Larangan Gerilya 3 both of Kilusang Probinsiya 3, Bicol Regonal Party Committee [BRPC].

Other rebels who also surrendered were identified in the report of the 31st Infantry Battallion, they are the following:

  • Jessie Escolano alias Kim, PSRL Squad Leader, Platoon 2, POC, KP3, Bicol Regonal Party  Committee [BRPC].
  • Rey Esposado alias Rigor PSRL, CO. Platoon 1, SYRG, KP 3, BRPC.
  • Ramil Estorninos alias John PSRL, Squad leader, SYRG
  • Rey J. Padua alias Richard PSRL, Squad Leader, Platoon 2, SYRG, KP 3, BRPC.
  • Jun H. Sarzuela, alias Jack, PSRL Platoon 1, SYRG, KP3, BRPC.
  • Rommel Haveria alias Apple PSRL, Platoon 4, RBKU, SRYG,KP3, BRPC.
  • Michael Donaire alias Abe, PSRL, Platoon Leader, SYRG, KP3, BRPC.
  • Ronaldo Hamor alias Roy, NPSRL, S4, RBKUSYRG, KP3, BRPC.
  • Robinson Huete, Jr alias Jolly, NPSRL, Platoon Leader, Platoon 2, SYRG,KP3,BRPC
  • Gringo Chan alias Greg, NPSRL Squad Leader, Platoon 2, SYRG, KP3, BRPC.
  • Romeo France, Jr alias Powa, SPL Poblacion Sur, Barcelona, Sorsogon
  • Philip France alias Kentoy, SPL Poblacion Sur, Barcelona, Sorsogon
  • Monique F. Abenir SPL [Youth Sector] SPPVs, Bibingcahan, Sorsogon City
  • Agnes L. Hubilla SPL, Sta. Cruz, Casiguran, Sorsogon
  • Ronnel Esposado, Squad Leader
  • Alias Bong
  • Alias Mags
  • Alias Rex
  • Alias Nonoy
  • Alias Joel
  • Alias Batoy
  • Alias Leo
  • Alias Botch/Vidal
  • Alias Jayjay

The surrenderees also laid down their following assorted fire arms to the government troops: 1 M653 rifle, 0ne M14 rifle, one KG9, one calibre .30 Carbine and three calibre .45 pistols.