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Legazpi City, [07.26.15] –  A trawl fishing operator  who is running a trawl fishing business in the waters of 3rd and 2nd Districts of Masbate  has  spilled the beans  via a social networking  site over the weekend  by confirming that they are regularly paying  their “protection money”  to Norman Laurio, Tata Medina  and Philippine National Police Special Operation Group – Masbate through Smart Kuarta Padala, but absolves the names of Police Chief Superintendent Victor P. Deona and Police Superintendent Oscar Regala,Jr head of the Regional Intelligence Division in taking the pay-off.

In her post written in Visayan vernacular, she  wrote; “Sa nakita ko na mga pangaran  an iba tama talaga  na kaintra pero may mga pangaran na bagan dai ko talaga matuodan bilang illegal fishing operator na ginaabot san grasya san  payola. Ina Deona kag Regala amo ina an pumadakop san akon barko kag san usad ma na pareho ko man na taga Estancia, Iloilo. Gin lapit ko kan Regala na sabi ko naghahatag man kaimo saiyo  pero naman ginpanakop pa kami sa Milagros kag Balud? An sabat sa amon  wara kami sin ginatangagap na kuarta, kaya kundi umudong daw kami mag ilig didi sa Masbate

[As one of the illegal fishing operator, some names that I have seen are involved. However there are other names  does not received the money. That Deona and Regala are the one who  seized my ship and the other operator who is my province mate in Estancia, Iloilo. I approached Regala and I told him that we are regularly paying  you  the protection money, but you still apprehended us in Milagros and Balud? Regala replied, we do not receive money from you, that is why, you should stop operating here in Masbate.]

De Mesa  also tagged in her post on Facebook the involvement  Placer municipal Mayor Facebook  Jay Lañete  who organized the monthly collection per municipality after his mother, Rizalina Seachon- Lañete was elected governor of Masbate.

“He assured us that we will not be apprehended by the police anywhere in Masbate, But why we are being held by the RSOG?” she lamented.

Apprehended "Pangulong" FB Prince. Photo Courtesy by from Claveria Municipal Police Station

Apprehended “Pangulong” FB Prince. Photo Courtesy by Claveria Municipal Police Station.

RSOG is really a pain in our neck here in Masbate particularly in Balud, Milagros up to Cawayan. Deona and Regala are the sea butcher here in Masbate with their relentless campaign against illegal fishing in our province.

When Masbate Vice Governor Vince Revil took over the reign of the province as an officer-in-charge, we are again being organized by the  husband of the mayor of Milagros town. There is a  promised change in the collection scheme and  Norman Laurio will receive the payment without Tata Medina in the scene, the source added.

“According to our group, the situation in the collection system has now become messy because there is  squabbles in the collection,  as the fishing payola is uncovered – Once and for all, I wish that all engaged in illegal fishing in Masbate should stop”, Deona ended.

It can be recalled that Police Chief Superintendent Victor P. Deona and his office was earlier accused as the protector of illegal fishing in Masbate, however he denied the allegations, but  he challeged his detractors to prove the allegations by establishing the money trail going to his office.