An unidentified marauding thief carted away two solar panels, rendering PHIVOLCS’ ScanDoas apparatus powerless


Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón


Legazpi City, [05.31.18] – Two solar panels that provides electricity to an installed monitoring device checking sulfur dioxide emission in the western slope of Mount Mayon are lost again to still unidentified thief.

PHIVOLCS resident volcanologist Ed Laguerta. File photo

PHIVOLCS resident volcanologist Ed Laguerta. File photo

PHIVOLCS resident volcanologist Ed Laguerta confirmed through text message today that the two solar panels installed inside the Masarawag Elementary School compound were missing.

“The two 100 watts solar panels worth PhP15,000.00 are vital for source of electrical current to equipment monitoring sulfur dioxide emission has jeopardized the gathering of abnormality data of the volcano as it lost power supply,” Laguerta explained.

The monitoring device (scanning differential absorption spectroscopy) ScanDoas is used by PHIVOLCS in measuring the latest sulfur dioxide presence inside the volcano and monitor the magma activity, particularly that Mayon is still displaying crater glow, he added.

The ScanDoas last data transmission was recorded last May 8, 2018.

PHIVOLCS monitoring equipment installed along the slope of Mayon are favorite targets of burglars as these are installed stationary and no culprits are caught and charged.

In January 9, 2018, two solar panels and two batteries installed in Barangay Lidong, Sto. Domingo, Albay were stolen, last February  14 batteries and solar panel that supply power to the hydrology equipment in Padang were also stolen.