Mohammad Yusoph bin Abdullah

The Heir. Raja  Mohammad Mamay Hasan Abdurajak

The Heir of the lost Kingdom of the East. Raja Mohammad Mamay Hasan Abdurajak

Jolo, Sulu, [07.24.15] –  The King of the Royal Imperial Kingdom of Lupah Sūg and North Borneo has admonished  the  other claimants of the throne including politicians of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Basilan that their authority  is up until the end of this year and warned them about the possibility of no election scenario in 2016, a highly placed source said.

The source  who is a royal  insider confirmed that Raja [King] Mohammad Mamay Hasan Abdurajak  has issued a statement over Radyo ng Bayan in Jolo on Wednesday,  about the redemption  of   the Royal Imperial Kingdom of Lupah Sūg and North Borneo  as he was already recognized  by the British monarch – as the heir of the Royal Imperial Kingdom of Lupah Sūg and North Borneo.

The Holy Seal of Royal Imperial Kingdom of Lupah Sūg and North Borneo

The Holy Seal of Royal Imperial Kingdom of Lupah Sūg and North Borneo

His Majesty King Mamay  is now fully recognized  as the legitimate heirs-successors by the International Court of Justice and the British monarch, a legitimacy that will completely  redeem the lost kingdom of the East – the Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg Islamic United Kingdom  of Sulu and North Borneo.

In his declaration, His majesty King Mamay  has informed  the  heads of the local government units in Sulu about the the possibility of having no election in 2016, because the MAPHILINDO agreement has already expired last September 16, 2013. Alongside with his pronouncement,  he also  emphasized  the Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg’s imminent rise into power.

This declaration covers all areas within the territories of the royal dominion of the Kingdom of Lupah Sūg. Such royal declaration  next year  in Sulu to Mindanao and  in the entire Philippines. This  is fully supported  by  the members of the Royal Council, the Council of Imams, appointed Shariah State and District [Municipal] Judges of the Royal Imperial High Court of Shariah including all  government functionaries of its monarchical political government and the Sovereign People of Sulu and Mindanao.

The Royal Declaration was based on the following reasons;

1, Expiration of the Mutual MAPHILINDO-Asean Agreement last            September  16, 2013;

  1. International Court of Justice (ICJ) Rulings dated October 10, 2013;
  2. Expiration of the Carpenter Agreement last March 22, 2014 reaching to 100 years at without compliance of the parties who signed the agreement of its moral obligation to the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo;
  3. Notice of Absolute Authority that were furnished to all offices of the government of the Philippines including all the Embassies based in Metro Manila;
  4. Being the absolute owner of the sovereignty of the Philippines who was loaned in 1974 during the reign of President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos;

Meanwhile,  Raja Mohammad Mamay Hasan Abdurajak  told The  Philippine Examiner  on Thursday, that a transition period  in governance will happen within this year  as the parallel government  under the King  and Queen  will implement the Peace, Defense and Economic  programs to redeem the Filipinos from poverty and backwardness.

Maphilindo was initially proposed as a realization of Filipino national hero Dr. José Rizal dream of uniting the Malay peoples, seen as artificially divided by colonial frontiers. In July 1963, Quezon’s later successor, President Diosdado Macapagal, convened a summit in Manila where the three countries signed a series of agreements to resolve controversies over the former British colonies of North Borneo and Sarawak joining Malaysia.

While the union was described as a regional association that would approach issues of common concern, it was also perceived as a tactic employed by the Philippines and Indonesia to hinder the formation of the Federation of Malaysia as Malaya’s successor state. The Philippines had its own claim over the eastern part of Sabah (formerly British North Borneo), while Indonesia protested the formation of Malaysia as a British imperialist plot.