The country went out to the polling precints today to exercise the right to suffrage to elect new set of officers of barangay officials under a fresh mandate for next three years.

The political exercise under the right to suffrage is guaranteed by the Philippine Constitution under Article 5 using the sanctity of ballot.

This lofty ideal is left written only in the printed constitution, but it is not true anymore in the actual practice of the lives of contemporary Filipinos during election period.

Covering the conduct of barangay election today, the vital signs manifests that there is no hope to wish for our motherland in the next three years as far as the barangay governance is concern.

Since the campaign period started the prevalence of electioneering, partisan politics, political patronage, vote buying, harrassments and violence were at a record high.

The political landscape is practically messy and it would be still cluttered in the coming years as it founded on mudslinging and violence.

Lost Eden as the poem Mi Ultimo Adios said.

The greed among local leaders has appeared through their traditional approaches and practices using dirty tactics and strategies to ensure win to their most coveted position and power.

With the rampant vote buying and selling the local election never change since time immemorial – election time is virtually a “poltical tiangge” where the greedy political cacique were back again in their buying and intimidition spree, against us fool electors.

In the next three years we can nt expect good governance in our village, we can not demand accountabilities on these poltical caciques because we allowed ourselves to be bought by their paipit.

The temptation was so high that we lost our discernment to resist and make stand.

The cause and effect will be a viscious cycle again and the curse of irresponsible barangay bureaucracy will run our local governance like hell.