At least one male member of Concepcion Gang was arrested in Barangay Molosbolos in a fresh encounter between police and the outlaws.


Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón 


Legazpi City, [05.02.18] – A suspected member of  Concepcion Criminal Gang [CCG] was arrested after a clash between the government troops and the notorious bandits in Barangay Molosbolos this afternoon, police report said.

In a report reaching Camp Simeon A. Ola, the elements of 1st Albay Provincial Mobile Force Company, Regional Mobile Force Battallion-5 and Libon Municipal Police Station has encountered the criminal group.

The government troops were conducting an internal security operation the village at 3:45 o’ clock this afternoon when an armed members of Concepcion gang engaged in an encounter.

A suspected gang member identified as Arturo Madronero Payson was arrested after the encounter, while pieces of evidences was also confiscated by the government troops.

Molosbolos is a remote village in Libon town considered to be as one the gang’s stronghold.