Guinobatan Vice Mayor July M. Tingzon has rated PDEA statement to be 95% accurate – but welcomes state agency’s legal action, not allegation.




Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón


Legazpi City, [05.02.18] – Guinobatan Vice Mayor July M. Tingzon has rated the PDEA issued statement naming alleged village officials involved in illegal drugs to be with 95% accurate.

Guinobatan, Albay Vice Mayor July M. Tingzon. Sourced Photo from Google.

Guinobatan, Albay Vice Mayor July M. Tingzon. Sourced Photo from Google.

Reached for comment Vice Mayor Tingzon told on Tuesday afternoon that PDEA April 30 statement has put Guinobatan, Albay into the country’s map of narco-politics – involving some of its elected village officials like, punong barangays and barangay kagawads.

Sikat ang Guinobatan no? It’s 95 percent tama, pero dapat i-charge.” [Guinobatan was famous is it not? Its 95% precise, but they should be charged] Tingzon who attended the opening of Magayon Festival 2018 gave his brief comment on PDEA statement.

PDEA’s April 30 statement has implicated 207 village officials from punong barangays to barangay kagawads nationwide – 70 of these villages are from Bicol region to be involved in illegal drugs. Almost 33.8% in the list are Bicolanos.

Out of the 70 Bicolanos, [Sorsogon, Camarines Sur and Albay] the municipality of Guinobatan has ten (10) punong barangays and with  fourteen (14) barangay kagawads in the list who are allegedly into illegal drugs from illegal drug use, drug trade and protector of illegal drug trade or coddler of drug pushers.

Punong Barangays listed are the following;

  • Maguiron, Guinobatan, Albay Salting, Jonathan
  • Lower Binogsacan, Guinobatan, Albay Maravillas, Charlie O.
  • Catomag, Guinobatan, Albay Borromeo, Manuel A.
  • Bubulusan, Guinobatan, Albay Mijares, Roland
  • Malobago, Guinobatan, Albay Miranda, Federico O.
  • San Francisco, Guinobatan, Albay Mancera, Melodio N.
  • San Rafael, Guinobatan, Albay Olivera, Hector F.
  • Inamnan Grande, Guinobatan, Albay Olitin, Nelson
  • Masarawag, Guinobatan, Albay Agtarap, Roger
  • Travesia, Guinobatan, Albay Rapisura, Alejandro


Barangay Kagawad listed are the following;

  • Inamnan Grande, Guinobatan, Albay Paliza, Sean Eduardo
  • Ilawod, Guinobatan, Albay Fresco, Maro
  • Banao, Guinobatan, Albay Dacillo, Armido O.
  • Inamnan Grande, Guinobatan, Albay Pacardo, Cristobal O.
  • Ilawod, Guinobatan, Albay Olavario,Francis
  • Maguiron, Guinobatan, Albay Bilonio, Eduardo B.
  • Maninila, Guinobatan, Albay Pichuela, Jesus O.
  • Muladbucad, Guinobatan, Albay Cornelio, Kevin P.
  • San Francisco, Guinobatan, Albay Camba, Leo N.
  • Travesia, Guinobatan, Albay Oliquino, Romel M.
  • Iraya, Guinobatan, Albay Clemente, Peter Gerard
  • Ilawod, Guinobatan, Albay Odiña, Zaldy
  • Travesia, Guinobatan, Albay Garcia, Miguel Manuel N.
  • Iraya, Guinobatan, Albay Flores Carlomagno P.


The only error observed in the report is the tagging of Carlomagno Flores  as barangay kagawad of Iraya, Guinobatan who is now an incumbent Municipal councilor of Guinobatan.