The unsettled PhP28,800.00 payment of STL winning bet  has angered the brother of Mayor Villanueva, that he sent betting in Tiwi, Albay in standstill.




Andy Mádrìgáléjó


papelonThe betting  in Tiwi, Albay is temporarily put on hold after a complaint was lodged by the brother of incumbent Tiwi mayor against the management of the Small Town Lottery due to an unpaid winning bet, an Audit Analyst  of Lucky V Prime Enterprises Corporation said.

Tiwi Small Town Lottery Audit analyst Jimwel Espinosa told on Saturday that their operation is momentarily stopped because of the protest made by Aiken C. Villanueva, the brother of Mayor Jaime C. Villanueva against the STL management.

Last April 22 at 11:30 o’ clock noon time Aiken C. Villanueva allegedly came to the STL office in Barangay Tigbi and berated the employees about the unpaid winning bet. Villanueva has threatened the employees of Lucky V Prime Enterprises Corporation that its operation will be stop, Espinosa said.

“The bet was not paid because there is a problem on the betting paper entry made by the cabo which is being question by the STL table manager – a reason of the non-payment but that explanation did not sit well with the furious Villanueva,” Espinosa explained.

The source did not named the winning bettor during the interview.

Aiken C. Villanueva is not available for comment as of posting time.