Darlan Palencia Barcelon

Sorsogon City, [07.18.15] –  Another inmate of Sorsogon Provincial Jail was stabbed  twice for using  the name of a fellow prisoner in borrowing a hammer inside the jail facility this morning, PRO-5 Public Information Officer Police Senior Inspector Maria Luisa C. Calubaquib, said.

The incident happened at 9:30 o’ clock in the morning when the victim Jessie Villa Mortega, a Bahala na Gang [BnG] member was confronted by the suspect in dropping his name, Joseph Laura Loyola, a member of OXO group.

Investigation revealed that the suspect was irked and boxed immediately the victim. Jessie Villa Mortega was going out from the comfort room  when he was attacked by the suspect with an ice pick.

The victim suffered a stab wound on his stomach and in his back. Jail official brought him at the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital for medical treatment.

This is the second  recorded fray  in a one month period where a member of BnG was involved again in a melee.

Last July 3, 2015  Norman Balaguer of Bahala na Gang [BnG] was attacked by an Indian arrow and sustained a wound in his lower portion of his neck. In the same incident , Ariel Araña  was also wounded in the riot.

The July 3 riot between the Bahala na Gang and Sputnik was triggered by miscued meal rationing.