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The poor man’s gravels and sands price has centered on the social media page post [Facebook] of Albay 2nd District Board Member Raul Rosal. The lament of Board Member Rosal was resolute as the price of one cubic meter of gravel and sand in the island municipality of Rapu-Rapu, Albay is PhP1,500.00.

In the same post, Board Member Rosal assailed the increase is unfair as it was not reviewed and approved by the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan ng Albay – worst, it never underwent a public consultation.

The Board Member of the second district of Albay charged the increase as baseless and he also exposed in his social media post the alleged corrupt practices through non issuance of official receipts on other charges imposed on the quarry concessionaires in the province.

In the same post he alluded former Anislag Punong Barangay Alwin Nimo as a “bagman”.

The post’s tag “Finding Nemo is the bag man!” piqued the village head of Anislag, Daraga, Albay that he confronted the Board Member on Tuesday afternoon along the hallway of the provincial capitol, while Rosal is about to go out as there was no quorum in the provincial legislative session.

Nimo has dared Rosal in a local radio interview to provide a proof to his posted allegations, if he can prove the allegation he is willing to resign, but, if Rosal can not provide proof or a witness he should resign from his post.

The tussle between Rosal and Nimo over the “bagman” episode, is now a joke among local media who posted their comments on Facebook that the altercation is dubbed in Legazpeño vernacular as IWAL KAN SIRA BUDA BURAK [quarrel between fish and flower].

Although the episode was trivialized by some, the post of Rosal must be considered by Albayanos as a serious public statement emanating from an elected public official against an elected public official.

Rosal is making a serious public disclosure about corruption and ethical standards among elected officials – although the burden of proof rests on his shoulders to provide proof to include witness to make a corroborated attestation to his claim that indeed Nimo was a real bagman.

Letting the cat out of the bag, the shadow of conspiracy in the allegation should be pursued by Rosal until it is proven that there is indeed something fishy in the purported gravel and sand bagman and concessionaires.

The Albayanos will never allow to be misled and drift aimlessly in the ocean of allegations and alibis and remain silent on the unjust increase of prices of gravel and sand – as the so called fair market value is a screaming political euphemisms to hide the whims and caprices of the provincial government of Albay in maintaining a lone bagman riding in an ford expedition.

The public is asking, to whom this alleged bagman remits his collections?


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