The high risk of bureaucratic corruption in public services is to be dealt by every government employees to achieve the highest ethical standards amidst the lurking temptations that they are confronting daily. The enticements of the term “corruption” comes in myriad shapes and forms must be exorcised by innate strong determination to practice decency and self-restraint.

Bureaucratic corruption is a scourge that destroys government institutions, community and family.

Last April 20 the regional office of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in Rawis, Legazpi City was rocked by corruption issues. The outgoing regional director Jun Abrazaldo was relieved from his post because of alleged corruption issue lodged against him.

Although Chairman Delgra III said that the allegation against Abrazaldo was claimed to be “verified” he was not charged in court, as a consequence he was booted out from his post.

The LTFRB – Bicol was thrown in utter disgrace when Delgra assumed office in the onset of Duterte administration, whom he tagged that LTFRB – BICOL is the most corrupt LTFRB regional office in the country.

The Chairman revamped the regional office and some employees were forced to resign, as he perceived them as corrupt.

A new set of officers were appointed to redeem the tarnished reputation, however, the office was shaken again with dishonesty and corruption issues involving the former officer-in-charge and then the Presidential appointee, Abrazaldo.

Contending corruption remains an elusive quest.

Prior to the turn-over, Abrazaldo dared Chairman Delgra to resign as he accused his superior of protecting provincial bus operators plying the route of Manila-Bicol who are allegedly involved in illegal activities called “colorum”.

In Abrazaldo’s words, the Chairman is asking him to submit the apprehension report to the national office. The ousted regional director has defied the order from his immediate superior for lack of jurisdiction.

Sad to say, the issue was never tackled during the Friday press briefing as the question was never raised by the local media.

The newly installed LTRB – Bicol Regional Director is now saddled with a task to unify the staff, to deliver effective services and redeem the stained reputation to its clients as he promised during the turn-over.

The Bicolano riding public anticipates from him to fulfill its sworn mandate to resist the; suhol, tong, kotong, tongpats, komisyon) and facilitation payment (grease money, padulas, tip, pakimkim, langis from its clients.

Rising from the depth of broken public perception of LTFRB –Bicol brought about by prevalence of  bureaucratic corruption is an opportunity to contextualize the much needed change in government service and making your appointment worthy of public trust.