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pilar,sorsogonPilar, Sorsogon, [04.16.18] – An necropsy was performed by a medico-legal and a laboratory ballistic cross matching on the recovered slug from the crime scene where a village imbecile of Sitio Palaypay, Barangay Inapugan, Pilar, Sorsogon was gunned down, Pilar Municipal Police Station said.

In a police report from Senior Police Officer 3 Rafael Sarion, investigator on case told told www.philexaminer.com the shooting incident transpired at 2:00 o’ clock in the afternoon in Sitio [sub-village] Palapay.

SPO 3 Sarion identified the suspect as Alexander Samudio Austria, 24 years old, a demented fellow.

The victim together with Clark Kent Tulipas, 11 years old and Danilo Bequillos, 13 years went on trapping monitor lizard (Varanus bitatawa) locally known as “ogot” or “bayawak” in the property owned by Nerisa Miguela Buising was waylaid by an unidentified suspect.

The victim sustained four gunshot wounds; one from right arm, right cheek and in the right and left chest, the report said.

Authorities recovered two empty shells and one slug from a suspected 9 milimeter pistol from the crime scene.

The Palaypay shooting incident is the first recorded shooting incident in the municipality of Pilar after the implementation of gun ban.