Be part of the solution, period. Waste segregation from the source is the basic solution to the mounting issue of Malilipot solid waste management woes.


Buén P. Owógówóg


Malilipot, Albay, [04.02.18] – The local government unit of Malilipot, Albay is still in the process of site prospecting for the municipal dumpsite that is best suited for its landfill in compliance with the provisions mandated by the Republic Act 9003 otherwise known as the Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

Closed Binitayan Open Dumpsite. Photo by Andy Mádrìgáléjó.

Closed Binitayan Open Dumpsite. Photo by Andy Mádrìgáléjó.

In an interview with Malilipot Mayor Cenon B. Volante, he confirmed that the local government unit of Malilipot is now searching the suitable lot for the municipal dumpsite after the regional office of the Environment Management Bureau – 5 has issued a closure order of their municipal dumpsite last February.

The Sangguniang Bayan [municipal council] has already allocated an amount for the lot purchase intended for the sanitary landfill, and has sent a help request to the EMB -5 in identifying a feasible location considering that available lots  are situated in the Mayon unit side of Malilipot are within the danger zone – while in the opposite side of the slope of the volcano, are bodies of water, Mayor Volante explained.

The decision made by the local government unit of Malilipot to embark on the lot purchase was the local government unit’s response to the EMB – 5  February closure order after finding  the operation of Malilipot open-dumpsite is at odds with Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

Volante who attended the hearing/technical conference called by the Environmental Management Bureau – 5 [EMB -5] last March 2, 2018 was appraised by the EMB – 5 of their obligation to comply the national solid waste management act has called the attention of the members of the municipal council to convene for an emergency meeting

The EMB pointed out that the conduct of investigation has found out the flawed municipal solid waste management system as far as the Republic Act 9003 is concerned.

The Environmental Management Bureau – 5 conference came out with three  recommendations to be followed by the local government of Malilipot to adopt a scientific, organized waste collection and disposal system  – these are the following sanctions;


  • To immediately cease operation of open dump site at Barangay Binitayan
  • To close and rehabilitate the open dump site (effective immediately)
  • To strengthen segregation-at-source, segregated collection and generation, establish barangay material recovery facility (effective immediately)


Dumped Garbage at the closed Binitayan Open Dumpsite. Photo by Andy Mádrìgáléjó.

Dumped Garbage at the closed Binitayan Open Dumpsite. Photo by Andy Mádrìgáléjó.

Meanwhile, Malilipot solid waste management team is adopting the residual containment area in Barangay Binitayan where the collected and residual wastes are temporarily deposited despite the Binitayan dumpsite was ordered closed by EMB, due to the ongoing lot prospecting..

Additionally the strengthening of the segregation at source remains a problem by the solid waste management team as resident’s compliance on the waste segregation has fallen far short.

The resident’s complacency to do their part in segregating their household wastes is becoming a bane to bail out the municipality’s solid waste management goal to achieve efficient and organized waste segregation.