Darlan Palencia Barcelon

Uphold the public school teachers welfare. Photo coustesy of Ms. Bernadeth Salopaso

Uphold the public school teachers welfare. Photo coustesy of Ms. Bernadeth Salopaso

Polangui, Albay, [07.11.15] –  Members of  the local chapter of Alliance of Concern Teachers [ACT] in Polangui, Albay  are holding a three Fridays candle lighting to show solidarity to the call of Alliance of Concerned Teachers in demanding for decent salary.

In a statement sent to The Philippine Examiner  by the source, they had already in their second leg of their candle lighting activity held in Polangui Albay last  July 10 Friday.

“Let us light candles again on Friday [July 17] for our salary increase. Let us not just wait and of what will happen to us. Assert our rights for a decent salary that can support our daily needs and can allow us to send our children without resorting to shark loans in Department of Education [DepEd]”, Nicanor Sambitan, the Bicol, ACT President  said in a statement.

At present, public school teachers in particular – are still  under the burden of low wages despite the passage of the Magna Carta for Teachers and these are the reasons in clamoring  for the full implementation of  the Republic act no.4670 Magna Carta for public school teachers to improve their economic rights and economic welfares.

ACT defines its objectives in the following terms:

  • To unite teachers and other education workers to struggle for their democratic rights and economic welfare.
  • To advance a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education.
  • To encourage active and dynamic participation of teachers and other education workers in social transformation.
  • To represent, assist and defend its affiliates and their individual members, in particular, and the teachers and other education workers, in general, in the advancement of their legitimate rights and interests.
  • To launch campaigns to protect human rights, the environment and the national minorities/indigenous peoples, promote gender equality, genuine land reform, workers’ rights, and be involved with other social issues.
  • To help in the formation of the broadest unity of all oppressed sectors of Philippine society in advancing the interests of the Filipino people.
  • To unite with progressive individuals, groups and movements abroad who share common beliefs and aspirations with ACT-Philippines.