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Legazpi City, [03.13.18] – Guinobatan Mayor Gemma Ann Y. Ongjoco denies on Tuesday on any knowledge about the ground plan to operate the  numbers game called “Peryahan ng Bayan” in his municipality.

Guinobatan Mayor Mayor Gemma Ann Y. Ongjoco the PhP300,000.00 “goodwill money” to allow the operation of “Peryahan ng Bayan

Guinobatan  Mayor Gemma Ann Y. Ongjoco  denies taking the alleged PhP300,000.00 “goodwill money” to allow the operation of “Peryahan ng Bayan in her town. The Philippine Examiner file photo.

Mayor Ongjoco told The Philippine Examiner in a phone interview clarifying that she is not aware of any scheme of operation of the “Peryahan ng Bayan” as far as she is concern.

A highly placed source from “Peryahan ng Bayan” had disclosed that a plan of operation of a new numbers game in Guinobatan is underway as a negotiation has already started between the operator and a certain “engineer” who has a connection with the local government of Guinobatan, a source said.

The source requested for anonymity as he is not authorized to disclosed the the details of the negotiation between the “Peryahan ng Bayan” management and the alleged “engineer”.

In the same vein, Mayor Ongjoco also categorically refuted during the interview, about the imputation made by the PCSO General Manager Alexander F. Balutan against the local chief executives of Albay who have had already took  the PhP300,000.00 “goodwill money”  to allow the operation of “Peryahan ng Bayan.”

“I will brought this matter tomorrow during our local chief executive meeting which Governor Al Francis C. Bichara will be present”, the lady Mayor of Guinobatan said.

Last March 2, 2018, “Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) General Manager Alexander F. Balutan urged all police commanders to crackdown all the operations of “Peryahan ng Bayan” using the name of the agency as cover for illegal gambling activities in Albay.”

“Allegedly, the operator of the peryahan has offered P10 million “goodwill money” to the governor and P300,000.00 each for every mayor for them to allow the operation.”

“The governor was offered the amount of P10 million but, I was informed, he did not take it. More than 50 percent of the mayors took it”, the PCSO statement said.

The March 2 PCSO Press Release has categorically confirmed the operations of Peryahan ng Bayan in the towns of Pio Duran, Libon and Oas.

The operation in Pio Duran started on March 1, 2018 by an operator from Polangui, Albay who rented a space in Barangay Banawan, Pio Duran, Albay which is owned by the Arandia’s, a highly placed source told The Philippine Examiner.