The duo are now under PDEA custody as they awaits trial PDEA 5 confirmed


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Legazpi City, [02.22.18] – The two arrested lady pushers of Barangay Victory Village [Barangay 28] Legazpi City were formally presented for inquest proceedings in court and a charges for violations of Article II, Section 11 of Republic Act 9165.

PDEA – Albay Team Leader Agent Enrique G. Lucero told The Philippine Examiner  on Monday that the suspects Salvacion Ballarbare y Loveriza of Purok 2, Barangay 28, Victory Village, Legazpi City and Vicky Guzman y San Agustin, alyas Rhea of Caloocan City were formally charge.

Ballarbare and Guzman are in the custody of PDEA – Albay custodial center in Camp Simeon A. Ola as they are awaiting trial, Lucero said.

The suspect Salvacion Ballarbare y Loveriza. Sourced photo.

The suspect Salvacion Ballarbare y Loveriza. Sourced photo.

The suspect Ballarbare, the sister of Victory Village [Barangay 28] Punong Barangay Antonio Loveriza was arrested by the joint personnel of PDEA Team Albay, Legazpi City Police Station, ISAFP-5 and Regional Intelligence Division- 5 in her residence in Barangay 28 on February 20.

The arrest was implemented by virtue of a search warrant #EML-18-74 issued by Honorable Elmer Lanuzo against Savacion Ballarbare y Loveriza at Purok 2 of Barangay 28.

The search has resulted to the confiscation of 13 plastic sachets of suspected methampethamine hydrochloride locally known as ‘shabu’ inside the house of Ballarbare while two pieces of plastic sachets of suspected ‘shabu’ from the possession of Guzman.

The raid has resulted to the confiscation of 60 grams of methampethamine hydrochloride with an estimated of street value of PhP630,000.00.

Meanwhile, Punong Barangay Antonio Loveriza has denied knowledge on the activities of her sister during the television interview.

According to the eldest brother of the suspect [Ballarbare] he has no knowledge that his sister is involved in illegal drug trade.

The drug haul is considered as the biggest confiscated illegal drugs in Legazpi City in the latest PDEA – 5  led campaign  this first quarter of 2018 in Albay.