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TabacoCityTabaco City, [02.22.18] – An erring local sailor in Barangay San Antonio, Tabaco City is facing a possible charge for violation of Section 28 paragraphs [c] and [e] sub-paragraph 1 of Republic Act 10591, and Article 155 paragraph 1 of Revised Penal Code [Alarms and Scandal] by means of discharge of firearm and Article 285 of the Revise Penal Code [other light threats].

According to Police Superintendent Jefferson B. Araojo, Acting Chief of Police of Tabaco City Police Station the suspect Richard Cantonjos y Buenconsejo, 41 years old of Purok 3, San Antonio will be charged for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and other charges.

The suspect was was arrested on Wednesday evening at around 10:40 of February 21 after creating scandal in their village by carrying a firearms and making threats against three persons in the village.

PO2 Amador D. Bermas who is assigned at Malinao Municipal Police Station and resident of Barangay San Antonio responded to a call of duty with the help of six village watchmen [barangay tanods] of San Antonio, effected the arrest on the suspect after he received a police assistance from civilian resident, the report said.

Catonjos was arrested with possessions of two calibre .45, magazines and ammunition after threatening the victims who were identified as Jan Sante Buban y Ocmer, 18 years old, single, student, Dhan Borjal y Campollo, 23 years old, single and Mark Anthony Nabor, 17 years old of Purok 3, San Antonio, Tabaco City.

An expired gun license card in the name of Winefredo Bueno Bronia was discovered by the authorities after he was arrested.