The clenched fist logo and his brave line: ”If you destroy my country, I will kill you” has been a catchphrase of Duterte administration and has echoed to the world and portrayed the Philippine government  has a resolute resolve against criminality. The campaign warning on drug syndicates to stop their nefarious trade is so clear and definite. This unyielding campaign is a strong political will, however the process was tainted with blood and controversial.

Dogged by human right watch groups, pursued vigorously to be polemical, abusive, inhuman and anti-poor anti- illegal drug battle – the Philippine anti-drug war is highly considered to be more bloodier, than that of Colombia’s anti drug war.

These criticisms that came from both local and international has drawn expletives and curses from the President and dismissing the denunciations as irrational foreign interventions and sheer meddlings.

Aside from the hot anti illegal narcotic battle, the anti-insurgency drive was also regarded as gender insensitive when the President was quoted in a statement ordering the military: TO SHOOT FEMALE NEW PEOPLE’S ARMY CADRE IN THEIR VAGINA. His sexist remarks against the women guerrilla fighters of the Communist Party of the Philippines is a a derision on women of their chosen ideology and way of life.

He swept the election votes by 16 million with his promised change in governance. But, his penchant for expletives and unbridled pour scorn on women has antagonised the women of the world.

The 16 million electorates who took his rhetorics as an emerging contemporary gilded political promise  spousing  liberational political change that has brought the Partido Democratko Pilipino – Lakas ng Bayan [PDP –Laban] members roistering.

True, this political party has its bragging basic five principles that other political parties do not have, these are:

  • Theism
  • Authentic Humanism
  • Enlightened Nationalism
  • Democratic Centrist Socialism
  • Consultative and Participative Democracy


In the recent events pertaining to the territorial grabbing done by the Chinese government  in the Kalayaan Group of Islands [Spratlys’s Group of Islands] is totally damning against the territorial integrity of our country. The party principles were strikingly eclipsed by pronounced spinelessness.

The tenant of Malacañan Palace and his minions has lost their wits and courage, even to file a diplomatic protest was never explored – what a cowardice?

The fence sitting on the issue of the invaded 200 miles exclusive economic zone is deafening and latest naming of Benham Rise by China into Jinghao Tianbao Seamount, Haidonquing Seamount, Cuiquiao Hill and Jujui Seamount  projects a dreary scenario as the latest derogatory move that affront to our collective patriotism is mounting.

Does the President and his partymates has abandoned the ENLIGHTENED NATIONALISM as their second party principle?