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The future of Filipinos is fast becoming bleak when the country’s leaders turns into a fence-sitters on our sovereignty issue. They took neither side on the territorial invasion of the 200 miles Exclusive Economic Zone by the Imperialist China.

The present administration has opted subjugation rather than self-determination over Mischief Reef, Second Thomas Shoal and Reed Bank that were robbed by China.

The gain on the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, Netherlands in favour of the Philippines versus China in the West Philippines Sea, was a resounding victory on our sovereignty claims over the Spratly’s group of islands – however it is empty and has no bearing on the so called “independent foreign policy” of the Duterte administration following the 2016 decision.

Waiting the time to wane the China’s might as a foreign power is a poor and irrational disposition from a public official like Atty. Roque, the Presidential Spokesperson and his unpatriotic pronouncement lacks fervor and common sense as it is so unbecoming for a Filipino citizen.

Thanking China when it abandons the stolen island is stupidity in the highest order.

Chinese hegemony is the wildest dream of the Chinese Communist Party which was the compelling reason why they reclaimed the entire Spratlys Panganiban [Mischief] reef – to install the military base on it that will promote their economic interests.

The actual advantage on the passage way is now on the Chinese now militarily speaking as it continuously ignoring the 2016 tribunal decision that there is no legal backing to their Nine-Dash-Line belief over the United Nation Convention on Law of the Seas.

Roque’ s idiocy on his statement only proves that the Duterte government has abandoned the  diplomatic option in reiterating that the Hague ruling is binding and his pronouncement has turned him into a surrogate diplomatic Chinese envoy in the Philippine government.

Sans concrete political stand on the protection on our territories spelled out on our foreign policy, the Philippine government is run like hell by the tenant of Malacañan Palace who acts like a Chinese governor that hired Harry Roque who unabashedly displaying the repartee of the Chinese Communist party line.

As the much vaunted campaign promised that the tenant of Malacañan Palace will eventually sail to the disputed sea and will confront the Chinese did not happened, Duterte’s nationalism died.

In failing to fulfill his promise to sail to the Kalayaan Group, his grandstanding call on the return of the 8 Balanggiga bells during the second State of the Nation Address last year will again fail.

Historically the war was won in Balanggiga during the Pacification drive in Eastern Samar because of a conspicuous valor, however, Roque’s statement was an embodiment of national cowardice.

Sorry, the wretchedness is in your mind and in your heart.


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