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Bashed Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson has explained her side why she returned the award conferred to her by the Santo Tomas Alumni Association Incorporated (USTAAI), according to her he was bullied by her critics.

She also reasoned out that the issue was blown out of proportion and she returned award bestowed to her by Thomasian Alumni in Government Service to save the face of Santo Tomas Alumni Association Inc. (USTAAI) President Henry Tenedero, including the unintentionally mentioning Mayon Volcano in Naga City.

Publicly it did not sit well after the conferment was picked by the media and within the University of Santo Tomas community – the award was questioned by it’s alumni including the officers of the UST Student Council.

The translation of a real Thomasian spirit was seen in the persona of Akbayan party-list Representative Tom Villarin, a fellow awardee who decided to return the award because of an apparent poor standard used considering the lofty core values of the university.

The conferment has agitated the myriad Thomasians because Esther Margaux “Mocha” Justiniano Uson simply possesses a questionable reputation on her blogging practice and her controversial dysfunctional discharge of her as an Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary since her appointment as an assistant secretary.

In her video broadcast she remained unapologetic to the snafu created by the decision made by Santo Tomas Alumni Association Incorporated, but instead she lashed back at her critics with a pronounced arrogance and sarcasm.

Like her horror movie “Sumpa” which has failed to hit the chart, the final nail to her curse is seemingly  hitting the Dagupan lady and the latest award that brought the USTAAI and the PCOO into the bad light.

What she failed to cultivate is to adapt the conforming behaviours – NORMS – in government service which is accountability and decency because a public trust like the PCOO, it has a Mandate to be followed, and this is:

To serve as the premier arm of the Executive Branch in engaging and involving the citizenry and the mass media in order to enrich the quality of public discourse on all matters of governance and build a national consensus thereon.

Decency dictates upon her to watch out her tonque and her discourses about public issues that will enrich the public by providing truthful information that will harmonize the constituents and the government about governance.

Mocha Uson should learn how to cultivate the ART OF COMMUNICATION and as a purveyor of unity  that would heal the wound of divisiveness in this country, rather than a posturing a rabid presidential black political propagandista.

For as long as she will not reinvent herself as an accomplished communicator she will incessantly bring harm than good to the PCOO because recklessness is a muted ability to feel and care and is destructive.


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