dpbDárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón


The name of the game in the 17th Congress was changed in a “blatantly discriminatory” fashion and the message is clear – if you are not with us, you lose your budget.

The decision made by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has made the opposition to rant, as most of them went “nose-bleeding” as their respective budget were wantonly cut.

The decision was harsh and too partisan, as if the proverbial thief of the night came unexpectedly. Speaker Alvarez simply weilds his power exploiting the essence of time being the man at the helm – using the power of the purse to starve opposition block in the House of Representatives into submission.

Although the constitution laid this power to the Congress to have the say on the government cash flow, including proof of disbursement – the motive is highly partisan, and the public sees it that way.

The PhP3.767 Trillion General Appropriaton Act of 2018 will defray the government’s operation, including the 2018 submitted approved program of works by the opposition in the House of Representatives.

The decision to slash the budget of “Magnificent 7” can not be justified by rationalizing that the funds will be re-align for free education of state universities and colleges’ students, as well as for the salary increase of military.

It’s a load of cobblers, Mr. Speaker.

Scrapping budget in any form is not a judicious move, but rather it is discriminatory – because they have their own constituents to serve like any other solon, including you..

Representatives or Congressmen  were elected, not only to make laws or to have oversight responsibility, but to also represent those who elected them. Simply, they are the eyes, ears and noses of the people that went to the poll to repose confidence in them.

The three preposition words: of, by and for clearly explains the definition or meaning of democracy clearly shows this connection and relationship between the people and their representatives.

If this political impasse is not resolve, the last nail of democracy’s coffin is on its final blow and the constituents of the 1st District of Albay and the rest of “Magnificent 7’s” constituents has nothing to look forward next year – as their elected representatives will have their first Christmas without “pork”.