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Dark Christmas celebration awaits Masbateños in the 2nd and 3rd of the province as NEA team despite Governor Kho promise to bring back MASELCO’s service, as NEA defies cuts its services prior Tropical Storm Urduja hit Masbate.

Let there be light in Masbate this Christmas. Photo by www.philexaminer.com

Let there be light in Masbate this Christmas. Photo by www.philexaminer.com

Masbate City, [12.19.17] – The member-consumers of Masbate Electric Cooperative [MASELCO] particularly in the remote villages of the 2nd and 3rd District of Masbate are in their uncertainties to celebrate their bright Christmas in their respective homes, as the team of National Electrification Administration [NEA] deliberately cut the power supply long before the typhoon hit us here, a resident told The Philippine Examiner.

The brownout was already in our midst for more than a week now as the NEA Management Team cut the power supply sending us a bleak celebration of Yuletide and New Year, the informant lamented.

The subjective decision done by management team led by Engr. Edward Domingo, to cut the power supply has caused a lot of frustrations to the residents and member consumers, because Governor Antonio Kho promised to have a reliable power supply in Masbate.

MASELCO consumers were caught by great surprise because they were not properly informed ahead of the decision, including the provincial government was in quandary of the sudden black outs.

In the same vein, member consumers are becoming suspicious that this move by the NEA management team might lead to MASELCO’s privatization, since the Board of Director’s was deactivated las June 21, 2017.

One of the member of the deactivated  Board of Director who requested for anonymity have doubts about the looming privatization by mind conditioning the member-consumers of the electric cooperative precarious financial condition.

On May 31, 2017, MASELCO received a disconnection letter from DMCI Power Corporation, because it has an outstanding debt of PhP P240 million.