Darlan Palencia Barcelon


Tagum City, [06.13.15] – As the head of the CENRO Office of Tagum City continue to refuse  signing the release paper to the owner of the impounded ten wheeler truck, members of the local tribesmen [Lumad] in Talaingod, Davao del Norte are now having a consultation meeting  on how to stage a protest against the CENRO officer of Tagum City on his continued refusal to  release  the confiscated ten wheeler truck, a source told The Philippine Examiner on Saturday.

Habib Ahil Juani Abdulsali, a member of the local tribe revealed on Saturday that the refusal of CENRO Officer Jose Erwin Clemenia to release the ten wheeler truck is a brazen defiance to the order of DENR Region XI Regional Environment Director Joselin Marcus E. Fragada to release the truck and is also aggravating on our part.

Abdulsali who spoke by phone from Maco, Compostela Valley province also admitted that the process of consultation is now underway to organize mass action against the CENRO officer for Clemenia’s brazen defiance to sign the release order.

“Because of his unwavering stand to hold the truck, my fellow tribesmen are wallowing to indebtedness, because we lost our livelihood. We can not settle our debts that we owe to local businessmen where we got our rice, gasoline which we used in our operations. We have to pay them the amount of more than PhP500,000.00,”Abdulsali averred.

Clemenia who admitted in a phone interview by The Philippine Examiner last week, that the matter was already elevated to the regional office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Tagum City, to consider the appeal made by the Indigenous  people to the Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg Islamic United Kingdom of Sulu and North Borneo, to release the logs and the truck to the owner.

The intervention of King Mohammad Ghamar Mamay Hasan Abdurajak andQueen Helen Fatima Nasaria Panolino – Abdurajak was also admitted by Clemenia.

Apprehended Logs. Photo courtesy by Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg United Islamic United Multi-Racial Kingdom of Sulu and North Borneo

Apprehended Logs. Photo courtesy by Royal Imperial Lupah Sūg United Islamic United Multi-Racial Kingdom of Sulu and North Borneo

The ten wheeler truck loaded with logs worth PhP4 million was apprehended by a team of Philippine Army under Army Lieutenant Pableo on May 25, and was turned-over to the custody of Talaingod Municipal Police Station.

Abdulsali maintains his position that the apprehended logs were cut by the Lumads after Talaingod, Davao del Norte Mayor Basilio Libayao gave them the permission to cut. The felled logs were cut in the ancestral domains of the indigenous people, and they also have had prior information with  CENRO office that the logs are ready for loading.

However, Clemenia  is insisting  during the phone interview that the logs has no permit.