The successive killings in the town of Monreal has made this fourth class municipality a precariously volatile place to live in and to do business.

These rampant killings between the anti and pro-government forces is a fragile claim to fame as the country’s “Manta Bowl” was coined as a tourism tag to the pristine island of Ticao as these crimes were all unsolved. 

The statistics  speaks the breadth and width of the  social issue which was brought by the conflict – children and women are being killed as the collateral damage to the conflict they did not invented or waged.

The gravity of the protracted war that is being waged by the Maoist group in this portion of Ticao Pass against the government’s counter-insurgency program, must end by seeking a just and lasting solution to stop the war.

The war is being waged by both camps, ferociously.

The conflict is incessantly giving births to widows and orphans as the war continue to devour it’s populace. The public safety is easily broken, damaged and destroyed, leaving its people to live in fear and uncertainty as the conflict rages on.

This vicious cycle should be stop and let the innocents civilians be out of this loop.

The situation demands for the stakeholders to peace to rally behind for the just and lasting solution to make Monreal a liveable place to live in.

These stakeholders must have their physical or emotional strengths. They should carry the torch and plant the seed of enlightenment and understanding for humanity sake.

Carrying this enormous tasks on their broad shoulders is an imperative – the bells are tolling, give peace a chance in Monreal.

Let there be unity. Respect the dignity of life. Stop the killings.