The country is again rattling on the threat of a nationwide Martial Law as rising concerns on the rights abuse in the conduct of war against illegal drugs and the conduct of anti-insurgency campaign after the peace talks with the CPP/NDF/NPA  collapsed.

The issue on the human rights violations has reached to a point that a popular leader does not know the reality on the ground on what the people want from their elected political leader.

The “take-no-prisoner policy” on the conduct of the war against drug has reached to the saturation point to drum beat the popular call to a fair trial that will prove  the guilt or the innocence of the suspect be proven by a court beyond reasonable doubt.

As the “war” is wantonly devouring its children and gaving birth to thousand of orphans and widows – the right based and cause-oriented groups are clamoring for the promotion and protection of the people’s right to life and fair trial in the middle of the government’s quest to address the drug menace confronting the country.

The mounting criticism on the human rights has added fire to the presidential expletives against it’s domestic and foreign critics. The “political faultline” was further shaken and went intense as the paid “keyboard warriors” joined the fray by fanning the issue that addicts deserve to die like pigs and rabbits.

The trolls or the keyboard warriors justifies their bloody death and they wanted the imposition of Martial law, as an cure to the the drug menace.

A deeply divided Filipinos are partly at fault by being too partisan on the political issues past and present even without discerning correctly on the lessons of the past, including Martial law.

By being too personally-oriented, they did not paid attention on the ill effects of a one-man rule like Marcos dictatorship.

When the country was run by a plundering despot, it gave rise to the crony capitalism in that time. The proof of this is the unresolved PhP 71 billion Coconut Levy fund which is remain unreturned to the coconut farmers.

Economically, the country was thrown out in the sea of indebtedness and Marcos declared bankruptcy in October 1983, A moratorium was successfully sought by paying only the principal in echange of the country’s financial survival. The national survival was put under the mercy of the World Bank in exchange of a painful conditions such as peso devaluation, tarrif dismantling and cutting the subsidies.

These facts was publicly announced by the Freedom from Debt Coalition in the pre-Aquino assassination.

In the onset of Marcos presidency in1966, the country’s foreign debt was $599 million and became a whooping $26.7 billion in 1986. We will pay these debts until 2025.

These are the facts about the evil of Martial law and dictatorship, but despite of the breadth and magnitude of plunder and abuse – justice was never served and the plunderer’s family remains unapologetic on their atrocities against the Filipino people.

Imelda, Bongbong and their cronies continue to wield power and influence in the Philippine politics and in governance with impunity.

Today we remember the imposition of Martial law 45 years ago with strong resolve to oppose it.

Collectively, the popular will of the people must be heard that human right must be defended, respected by a populist president.

De-Marcosify the Duterte administration. Stop the Davaonization of the country, never to Martial law again.