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Legazpi City, [09.12.17] – The head of Pantao District Hospital has denied that they refused to admit patients who were rushed seeking medical interventions after a waterborne disease hit the village of Badian in Oas town on September 1, Dr. Glenn Thaddeus D.Isip said in a short message service or text message.

In his message received by the Philippine Examiner this afternoon, Dr. Isip requested in vernacular – “Gd pm Pa clarify n lng po sa fb post Nyo may supply man ang hosp at dae nag sayuma nag kataon medyo late na nadara hosp so mga pasyente salamat po Sir.” Good afternoon please clarify your post [Facebook] there is a medical supply and we never refused, its just the patients were brought to the hospital a little late, thank you Sir.

The head of hospital is referring to the fifth paragraph news item posted by the Philippine Examiner which said….

“Residents were rushed to Pio Duran Memorial District Hospital and to Pantao Distict Hospital for medical treatment, but the two government hospitals don’t have enough supplies of medicines and the patients were refused admission by the physicians, Monteveros and Fortes said in the radio interview.”

pantaomapSome 18 patients were rushed to Pantao District Hospital after suffering severe stomach pains due to Diarrhea ases that hit Badian on September 1.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rene Aldecoa, Medical Officer 3 and Joveth  Aycocho, Officer-in-Charge, Chief Nurse also clarified  the matter in an interview by 101.1 Yes Fm last Sunday.

They too clarified that no patients were denied of medical attention and there is an adequate supply of medicine.