Press Statement


Reference: Nelsy Rodriguez, BAYAN-CamSur Spokesperson


Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) – Camarines Sur strongly condemns the landlord-bias and unjustifiable and self-vested decision of the Commission on Appointments in rejecting Agrarian Reform Secretary Rafael “Ka Paeng” Mariano.

It is no surprise that CA for the third time again, failed the masses especially the  farmers in giving them the right person who will genuinely serve, protect their rights and fight for their grievances.

The rejection of Ka Paeng was a strong manifestation of bias against the poor. CA once again ruled in making sure that the Department of Agrarian Reform will serve and protect the Oligarchs and the Landlords. This was what  they call victory for the neoliberals in the regime, corrupt bureaucracy and the de facto military junta and their masters.

In a bureaucratic system where it continuously support and tolerate traditional politics and neoliberal policies, it is a blatant proof of  patronage to the  the bureaucratic capitalism and to follow the US Imperialism to secure their position and spread its rotten system down to every department.

The interest of the capitalist always prevail because of the Puppet Regime, but the people will never stop from demanding  and fighting for what is supposed to be for the masses.

For one year in the opposition, Ka Paeng proved his service for the poor and for the peasant and hold his principle to the very end as a DAR Secretary. It may be a victory for them but  Duterte Regime have lost a stellar and exemplary public servant.

Putting an end to the services offered by Ka Paeng during his post as Dar Secretary is not an end to fight, but rather fuel the hearts of the farmers and the masses to totally condemn Duterte regime. The fight of the peasant and masses will continue in the streets.

BAYAN-CamSur as progressive organization believes that imperialism, particularly by the US, is among the causes of poverty in the country. We will never stop striking them for having an anti poor and pro US imperialist policies. And we will continue to pursue and fight for our welfare, democratic aspirations, and right to land.