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They never drew  guns, but they were shot down in the dark alleys of Barangay 160, Caloocan City in North Bay Boulevard South in Navotas and along C-3 Road, Caloocan City – the police blotter entriess just called them, drug addicts and drug couriers and a thief.

There is parallelism in their deaths. They died like an outlaws at the hands of the police assigned in the Northern Police District.

Raymart Siapo, 19 was killed on March 29, 2017, Kian Lloyd D. De los Santos, 17 died August 16, 2017 and Carl Angelo Arnaiz, 19 was killed on August 18, 2017 – today they are just missed by their parents and siblings.

They died young in the altar of the Duterte’s Drug War without understanding,hearing what does the Miranda Doctrine all about, Their innocence on the crimes that were being alluded to them were never proven beyond reasonable doubt by a competent court.

Killing unarmed civilians suspected to be involved in the nefarious drug trade will never solve the drug menace in the country. This vicious war will just make the Philippines a “fragile state.

The deaths of these three minors and thousand of victims of government drug wars has became pervasive and the consequence of this state sponsored anti-illegal drugs operations is slowly creating a domino effects.

The equally increasing breadth and scope of drug addiction in the country can not be solved by killing alone. The spellbinding application of the “Whole of Nation” Philosophy  in the anti-drug war is getting dreadful again, while  the government is putting much premium on state police powers, some policemen has misconstrued the philosophy – as a license to kill.

This philosophy called “Whole of Nation” did not solved the conflict in  the country as it failed in Iraq and in Afghanistan, the desire to create a zone of peace did not materialized.

In the Philippine concept, I am worrying on the paradigm shift that the Philippine National Police is taking through their Police Plan 2030. It will going to damage the vision of the police organization in the near future.

Narco-politics is a social menace and it should be classified under the internal security matters which falls under public safety. Putting this in a  public safety template, a new government policy should be adopted through the philosophy of Whole of Government  that will provide a pro-active approach to include the medical rehabilitation and socio-economic programs.

The lack of synergy from the Department of Health in bankrolling rehabilitation facilities all over the country and the concentrations of economic activities in Metro Manila and the anemic anti-poverty alleviation programs by the  Department of Social Welfare and Development and the National Economic and Development Authority are missing.

This will focus on the principles of security demand under the contemporary time obliging a wide range of stakeholders to sit down and work centering its focus on security policy discussions.

Under the present conditions, the entire police organization has entered the warpath, the campaign has turned bloody and precarious, because the spirit of alignment between the PNP, Local Government Unit and other government agency simply did not exist.

This inter-agency gap has surfaced  when Kian De los Santos was killed, the village officials of Barangay 160 has cried foul and tagged the police operation as an overkill, protesting that the victim is not included in their drug watch list, but the police insisted.

The desired synergy between the PNP and the Department of Interior and Local Government has not reached down to the barangay level, where the government front line services ends.

Within the police organization, the elements of the Northern Police District involved in the deaths of Arnaiz, Siapo and De los Santos has manifested their complete ignorance on the value of human rights and their core values to serve and protect.

Their violence has operated far outside the bounds of law enforcement and they failed to remember that their client is the community.

Their unspeakable brutality has proven their psychological behavior and in the hour of their slaughter of their victims was a defining behavior of their genetically acquired to kill. Their apparent unrestrained itch of their fingers in pulling the triggers against the weak sufferers has made them a brute and reckless cops of the National Capital Region thus making the Northern Police District, earn its latest moniker – NOTORIOUS POLICE DISTRICT.

Their trigger happy fingers has sent Police Director General Ronald De la Rosa into a verge of tears during the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights because of a bruised ego.


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