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The insult against the Filipino race by the unrepentant Marcos family has resurfaced again after President Rodrigo R. Duterte publicly announced about the intention of the former “Iron Lady” to return the 7,000 tons of gold to the Philippine government.

The plan was allegedly laid out to the President by the widowed Rose of Tacloban, Imelda Romualdez-Marcos – but Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos has simply dismissed the issue by saying “no detailed plan yet.”

Returning the stashed 7,000 tons of gold gold bars to the Philippine government is not a piece of cake as they assumed.

It is an “Imeldiffic” narrative once again to hear those empty words of returning the gold to help the country pay for its foreign obligations.

It’s a tall tales crafted by pluderer’s tonque. Imelda is talking freely again without limit, without reservations and fears of the responses from those who were were harmed by their depotic rule.

In this latest political gambit done by the Marcoses, there is a fishy manifestation of an existing transactional politics between the Duterte administration and the Marcos after the controversial November 18, 2016 dictator’s interment at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The weak justice system in the country is the culprit, the continued American dominance in the Philippine economic and political policies had given Marcos the opportunity to plunder, degrade, and cheat at will, and acted endlessly to fortify its grip to their dictatorial power.

After the body of Ferdinand E. Marcos was brought back in Ilocos Norte in September 7, 1993, Imelda, her son Ferdinand, Jr and Imee uncontestedly took back their political clout in the North, including the Romualdez’ of Leyte.

The promised return of 7,000 of gold is a morsel of the actual missing loot as far as gold bars are concerned – the Filipino knew this story. In the spirit of reckoning and justice, Marcos stashed treasures alone, are 617,009 Metric tons of Gold and 500,010 tons of Diamonds.

Aside from these treasures – billions of Bank Notes were scattered all the world under an encrypted secret bank accounts. America, Britain and the Illuminati knew where are these assets now.

Returning these stolen assets  will take a great deal of strong will to fight greed  and  seek repentance – because this is not just a matter of religion, but also  of humanity, Imelda alone can not just decide on it alone to return the golds to the government, she has still  have to ask permission from her  “boss”

This space have only one question to the Marcoses……

Do you now have the courage to admit to the Filipino race that Martial Law was indeed a reign of greed and terror?