Dárlán Páléncìá Bárcélón


There is cheating in the Provincial Government of Albay and the dishonesty committed by the provincial Chief Executive against the Sangguniang Panglalawigan ng Albay was challenged by Provincial Board Member Raul E. Rosal.

The gentleman from the Second District of Albay has stood on his ground uncompromisingly and he denounced the deceitful attempt done by Governor Al Francis C. Bichara.

Board Member Rosal has countered the arbitrary decision made by Albay Governor Bichara as arbitrary encroachment on the powers of the Sangguniang Panglalawigan ng Albay in granting Bichara to enter into any business without authorization from the provincial board.

Rosal reminded Bichara of this ethical standard citing the Republic Act 7160 or the Local Government Code.

In the second page of Rosal privileged speech last August 15, 2017, he cited the endorsement from the Governor pertaining to the legal opinion made by the Provincial Legal Officer on the “legal infirmities” on the memorandum of agreement entered into between the Provincial Government of Albay and the Bureau of Jail Management  and Penology to co-manage the Albay Provincial Jail.

The memorandum of agreement was perfected during the administration of former Albay governor Joey S. Salceda and the BJMP.

Rosal maintained that Bichara’s endorsed drafted resolution revoking the memorandum be referred to the Standing Committee for further study and careful investigation.

Sans meticulous study by the Committee on Laws, Oversight Committee an Executive Order 023 was issued by the Governor with cited three onths transition period for the eventual reversion of the management, supervision and control of Albay Provincial Jail to the provincial government.

The transition period within the Albay Provincial Jail has now commenced after the Executive Order 023 was received by the BJMP and this was confirmed by a BJMP official.

Why the Governor is yearning for reverting back of the management, supervision and control of Albay Provincial Jail to the provincial government while there is no ample time given to the Committee on Laws and Oversight Committee on what was the alleged “legal infirmity” cited by the Provincial Legal Officer.

Bichara’s eagerness has caused conflict and discord among the members of the provincial board as he ignored completely the harony between the Executive and the Legislative branch.

Granting there is indeed legal infirmities on the contract, can it be not corrected by the legal officer and urge the Committee on Laws to adopt a resolution to amend by susbstituting that legal flaws?

In lieu with the revocation of the memorandum of agreement with the BJMP and the eventual return of the supervision, managent and control of the provincial jail – will there be change in the system?

Transparency and accountability are now at risk if the management will be reverted back to the political appointees of the Governor. Does  a jail warden and his cabal of jail guards can  perform best than the SCIENCE OF JAIL MANAGEMENT AND PENOLOGY?

Bad reputations among jail guards and wardens assigned in Albay Provincial Jail before were never corrected, particularly when there is an escape of a high profile inmates – no one was chaged, they were only discharged.

When jails will be under the control of politicians, the sins of political patronage are commit perpetually, because the positions of jail guards and provincial jail warden are at the disposal of a governors.

The Executive Order 023 has created the internal ruckus in Sangguniang Panglalawigan ng Albay because of the devious manner. This Executive order can not rectify the cited legal infirmities, when the manner was done in an underhand means.

The end will not justify the means.


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