The brazen attempt yesterday to shoot our fellow media practitioner, Carlos C. Sasis of Zagitsit News Fm has bared again the work related threat in our chosen work, risk can happen anytime, anywhere whenever the assassin wishes to squeeze the trigger.

Thanks God for jamming the pistol of the trigger man and Caloy Sasis was unharmed.

Exactly ten days earlier, another beat reporter of Zagitsit News Fm and a regular host of an entertainment program Joel L. Mendez, was threatened by an elected councilor of Daraga, Albay over the report aired by Mendez pertaining to the bribing issue in the Sangguniang Bayan of Daraga.

The threat and expletives uttered by Councilor Maning Comia was witnessed by a lady reporter who was trying to get the side of Comia on his privilege speech regarding the alleged bribe.

Jo Roco of Idol Fm heard it all.

Sasis and Mendez are the friendliest radio program hosts in Legazpi City, and yet they are the latest recipients of threats.

With this recent development a pro-active response is needed to address the security threats on Sasis and Mendez and make Legazpi City and Daraga, Albay a safe place for media practice.

As we condemn the shooting attempt against Sasis, we also laud the efforts made by Undersecretary Jose Joel M. Sy Egco, the Executive Director of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security urging, the Chief of Police of Legazpi City to investigate the incident.

In the greater interest of security of Legazpi City media practitioners, the threat made by Councilor Maning Comia against Joel Mendez should also be addressed by the local Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas – Albay Chapter as a legitimate security issue, of which Mr. Hermogenes Alegre, Jr who is the Station Manager of Zagitsit News Fm where Mendez and Sasis are currently employed.

Being the current President of KBP – Albay, Mr. Alegre should initiate a move and see to it that Councilor Comia’s threat must be condemned.