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shootingLegazpi City, [08.23.17] – A farmer in a remote village in Matnog was killed at noon time today by still unidentified suspect, police report said.

Police Senior Inspector Malu C. Calubaquib, PRO-5 Public Information Officer identified the victim as Roland Gracilla of legal age, married, farmer and a resident of Barangay Tugas, Matnog, Sorsogon.

The incident was reported to Matnog Municipal Police Station by Punong Barangay Erma Guardian of Barangay Tugas, Matnog, Sorsogon who personally appeared and reported the incident.

The victim was in his farm when shot and killed by the suspect/s  past 11:00 o’ clock today.

Gracilla is the second victim of shooting incident today in the province of Sorsogon after a former municipal councilor of Donsol was killed this morning.

Suspects in the two killing spree were all unidentified and the motives are also unknown, the reports said.