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Locally made improvised dynamite.

Locally made improvised dynamite.

Legazpi City, [08.21.17] – A fisherman in a fishing village of Rapu-Rapu was reported wounded in an accidental blast this morning.

Police Chief Inspector Arthur Ramirez Gomez, Albay Police Provincial Office spokesperson said that an accidental self explosion was reported to the police.

Police Chief Inspector identified the victim as Pablo Boral a fisherman from Baragay Morocborocan, Rapu-Rapu, Albay.

The blast occurred at 9:00 o’ clock this morning off the waters of Morocborocan.

Boral sustained multiple blast wounds on his body and was rushed to Rapu-Rapu District Hospital, attending physician has recommended the transfer of the patient to Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital, Gomez ended.