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The effort  made by the elected village official of Barangay Banao in Guinobatan, Albay by lobbying for the opening of the poultry farm in Upper Binogsacan has stirred negative opinions against this official is a violation of Local Government and he should be reprimanded and rebuked by the Municipal Interior and Local government Officer for his poor comprehension of the law and his position as an elected barangay official.

He was campaigning for a public hearing for the re-opening of the poultry farm. Questions are being raised against the move to re-open it and the motive of this official for lobbying because of his indescretion.

His motive is completely strange, knowing his previous opposition to the poultry’s poor vermin abatement program that has caused nuisance and threatened the public health of the affected residents of Upper Binogsacan and its adjoining Barangays of Banao, Lower Binogsacan, Lomacao and even Morera which was brought by fly infestation before.

These nuisance has prompted him and his village councilors to sought for a passage of a municipal resolution demanding a PhP1.00 payment for every  caught dead fly from the management of poultry farm owned and operated by Six and One Corporation.

Why lobby now?

The failed vermin control program of the poultry operator was a brazen violation of the Presidential Decree 856 otherwise known as the Sanitation Code of the Philippines has prompted Mayor Ann Y. Ongjoco to issue the cease and desist order against the poultry operator dated June 30, 2017.

For the enlightenment of this elected barangay official of Banao – he should refrain from lobbying for the opening of that private enterprise, because he is violating the Local Government Code particularly Section 335. The provision says: No public money or property shall be appropriated or applied for religious or private purposes. The time of policemen and barangay officials is public property paid with our taxes.

His actions does not speak for the greater good, but for the interest of the private business.

Until and unless the effective vermin control program is proven effective in the control of the proliferation of flies, that the vermin control program was presented in a public consultation to the stakeholders, Sangguniang Bayan and other agencies for approval and the strict compliance to the standard of Presidential Decree 856 are met – the cease and desist order can be lifted.


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