The office of District Engineer of the Province of Sorsogon must take the lead in issuing a public announcement on their response to the issue of the structural stability of the second floor of the Sorsogon National High School.

This office has a social responsibility to inform the public about the latest structural status of the repaired burned building – wether it is safe, or not.

A prompt and honest announcement from the District Engineer in informing the end user which is the 2017 batch senior high school students of Sorsogon National High School, deserves your accountability and transparency.

Staying in the dark and opting to be in “deep silence” on the issue means only one thing – the District Engineer’s office, DOES NOT KNOW WHAT A PROCESS EXCELLENCE MEANS.

The Sorsoganon, is DPWH’s client. You are accountable to the people of this province to deliver prompt response what had caused the crack, not  to the politicians who brought her pork barrel nor to the contractor who won the bidding.

Why keep the silence?

Its time to whip the contractor and crack their code of corruption – because the gaping lines on the walls has already spoken the depth of corruption and conspiracy in the repair of the building.

Its time to talk to the people what had happened and how this influential contractor won the construction bidding of the Sorsogon National High School and his accountability to the controversial  construction repair.

Whip him good District Engineer, before the people whip you and the contractor.