Anne T. Hapas

Jolo, Sulu, [05.30.15] [Updated]  The casualties  in bomb explosions has risen to  sixteen [16] wounded been including seven [7] civilians who were reportedly wounded in a simultaneous blast Friday evening inside the Philippine National Police Provincial headquarters in downtown Jolo, Sulu.

In an initial report, the blast was confirmed by PNP Provincial official in Jolo including the military officials, that the twin blast happened inside the camp near a mosque at 8:00 o’ clock in the evening.

As per Sulu Provincial Hospital records, the names of the wounded are the following;

1.Police Officer 1 Allan Imbay, 40 years old 2. Sheldaya Imbay, 38 years old, female, civilian was transferred to Zamboanga City, 3. Al-Rashid Imbay, 10 years old 4. Ar-Sheda Imbay, 7 years old female 5. Fauzia Mudah, 10 years old was transferred to trauma  section 6. Evon Aya-ay, 22 years old 7. Police Senior Inspector Jeremy Sab-it  Dugao, 27 years old transferred to Zamboanga City 8. Police Officer Datu Arkis Duran,39 years  old 9. Police Officer 1 Tantong Muksan, 46years old 10. Police Officer 3 Johnny Wahi, 41 years old 11. Abdulsatir Guludah, 23 years old Darwin Patarasa, 19 years old  13. Police Officer 3 Benhar Ladja Malik, 40 years old

Majority of the wounded are local provincial police personnel  and PNP SAF members assigned in Sulu province.

The wounded were immediately brought to Sulu Provincial Hospital in  Jolo by the responding troopsand several others were transferred to Zamboanga City.

The motive of the perpetrators to the explosion was not yet known as police investigations is still on-going, a local police official said Friday evening.