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Legazpi City, [08.10.17] – Two policemen were confirmed dead in an ambush allegedly staged by the New People’s Army at noon time today in Sitio Pinarayan, Barangay Sagrada in Viga town while a police officer and drug surenderress were wounded in the attack, police report said.

viga,catanduanesPRO – 5  Spokesperson, Police Senior Inspector Malu C. Calubaquib said in a statement that Police Officer1 Eva Torcelino and Police Officer 3 Joseph Tupue were killed in action in Viga town ambush, while the Chief of Police Police Senior Inspector Ernesto G. Montes, Jr sustained one gunshot wound at the back  and  is being treated at Viga District Hospital.

Some drug surrenderees on board the police vehicle were also reported  wounded in the ambush.

Police from Catanduanes has confirmed that more or less 20 members of NPA were behind in the ambush in Sitio Pinarayan at exactly 11:20 o’ clock in the morning.

The ambush was carried out near a beach resort in the area while the two police service vehicles [Mahindra and Hilux] of Viga Municipal Police Station. The travelling policemen together with drug surenderees met a sudden explosion and were subsequently fired upon by the enemies.

Police Officer 1 Magalong who was at the scene informed Viga Police Station that Senior Police Officer 1 Marwin de Vera was wounded including two drug surrenderees after they were brought to a local hospital in Virac town.

A responding team led by Police Senior Inspector Ernesto Montes, Jr were again met an enemy fire which resulted to the deaths of Police Officer1 Eva Torcelino and Police Officer 3 Joseph Tupue and the wounding of Police Senior Inspector Montes.