Apó E. Hápá  and Bobot E. Laguna




shootingSorsogon City, [08.08.17] – Another civilian has died inside his residence after he was shot in cold blood in a latest wave of shooting incident in the village of Casili, Gubat, Sorsogon on Monday evening, police report said.

According to Police Senior Inspector Malu C. Calubaquib, PRO-5 Spokesperson, the shooting incident has transpired in Barangay Casili at 9:45 Monday evening.

The victims was identified as Jaime Estrada y Ervas of Casili, Gubat, Sorsogon. Jaime died instantaneously due to multiple gunshot wounds.

The shooting was witnessed by his wife, Judith Funtanares Estrada.

A certain Jessie Funtanares reported to Gubat Municipal Police Station through a phone call and informed  the local police that a shooting incident has transpired in their village.

The Monday evening shooting incident came after the bloody encounter in the area that killed an army junior officer and an enlisted man and the wounding of seven army soldiers in the village of Casili.