Apó E. Hápá  




policelinemercurySorsogon City, [08.05.17] – A suspected male drug personality was killed in a buy-bust operation this afternoon along Barangay Road in Bibingcahan, Sorsogon City, police report said.

The victim was identified as Rodel y Bojorque Lato alyas “Hudas”, 46 years old, businessman of Barangay Bitan-o, Sorsogon City.  After sensing that the transaction is a buy-bust operation, he allegedly drew  caliber .45 pistol that led to the shooting.

He was killed at 3:35 o’ clock in the afternoon in the buy-bust operation conducted by Regional Police Drug Enforcement Unit  – Regional Intelligence Unit 5 , Provincial Drug Enforcement – Sorsogon and Sorsogon City Police Station – Drug Enforcement Unit.

The victim allegedly resisted arrest and was armed with unknown firearm, Hudas is the first  person got killed since the assumption of the new Chief of Police of Sorsogon City Police Station and Sorsogon Police Provincial Director.