The lingering brown outs in the 3rd District of Albay is pestering to the comforts of its consumer for a long time now. They are paying the high cost of electricity, without the benefit of reliable quality service.

Consumers from the eight municipalities are suffering enormous inconveniences of unwanted power outages, worst, their electric appliances are in constant threats of wreck because of the lingering brown outs and low voltage supply.

What is most aggravating, there is no relief in sight in assuring that their consumer rights are heard and protected.

Albáyánó’s wretchedness has doubled andis under the privatization of power distributor, because the promised realible and efficient service are not yet met.

The promised rehabilation by the illegal management is unfigurative as the promised investments are not translated into realiable services, despite enjoying the franchise of ALECO.

The sweet promises peddled before the Albáyánós on their campaign for privatization of ALECO has brought misfortune to those who favored the privatization.

The “devil’s dung” which is the privatization continue to reek and the miseries lingers and the people of the 3rd District are now reaping what they have sown – for approving the privatization of ALECO.

Privatization of public utilities like electricity and water are now in the hands private businessmen as the government is decentralizing the basic services to relieve the central government’s financial stress.

As this developing financial government policy is being vigorously pursued as a new concept of economic policy, under the guise of “economic reform”  the basic services that the government must promote and protect – they abandoned to ensure the public social safety net.

Today, in Albay, the illegal privatization of ALECO’s franchise is the APEC’s abstract promise of rehabilitation.