Nicole T. Hapas

Jolo, Sulu, [05.24.15] –  A carnage has erupted anew and has claimed four lives and wounding eight civilians between warring clans in a village of Siasi, Sulu Saturday morning, police report revealed.

In an initial report received by The Philippine Examiner from Police Senior Inspector Annidul Sali, Chief of Police Siasi Municipal Police Station, there were four persons who were reportedly killed and eight wounded in the bloodbath that erupted between warring families.

The encounter happened at 9:00 o’ clock Saturday morning in a remote village of Barangay Singko, Siasi, Sulu when a group of armed men allied to Alam Sayadi from Barangay East Kungtad attacked the Salip Mukta clan in Sitio Kanasi, Barangay Singko.

Two of the casualties in the attack were initially identified by the police as a certain Wahidun and Uniden of Alam and Anden group, while the identities of two victims are still to be identified as they are still unretrieved, Siasi police said.

The two wounded were identified by the police as Hajji Nur Ulangutan and Dr. Nani Sayadi, while four others  are yet to be released by the police. Three high-powered  firearms were  seized by Salip Mukta group from their enemies.

This is a long standing feud between the two groups due to unsettled land dispute, police report ended.