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What “opportunity” he was asking/referring in the first place? If the peace process was initiated by the government alone, well and good, because there is a clear provision in our constitutions to seek a lasting peace in Mindanao.

The bad thing for PNoy is, he is so gungho in delivering the goods [BBL] to his Malaysian and American masters. PNoy is harping his own version of “peace” with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and left other peace stake holders in Mindanao.

The bad karma is now at work against him and his entire administration because of his myopic view on the root cause of the conflict in the South.

He was too adamant in believing that the only torch bearer of peace in Mindanao, is the MILF.

What he failed to do, is to study the real history of Moro rebellion in the Philippines. If he only recognized Rajah Mohamad Ghamar Mamay Hasan Abdurajak and his wife, Queen [Baginda] Helen Fatima Nasaria Abdurajak,as the real and rightful heir and honored The 90 Days preparation for the new International Court of Justice [ICJ] Peace, Defense and Economic Treaty [the-90-days-preparation-for-the-new-international-court-of-justice-icj-peace-defense-and-economic-treaty&catid=37:special-report&Itemid=57] there would be no problem anymore in Mindanao.

The collective stubbornness of his advisers including him, has turned into a collective madness by ignoring the truth.

The flaws had started when the former U.S Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenny entered Camp Darapanan and had a meeting with the top echelon of MILF which paved way to the crafting of the Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro [FAB].

The meeting was a secret deal between Kenny and MILF. The conspiracy was consummated between America, Malaysia and MILF because of oils, buried assets and minerals.

At the height of the campaign of the BBL ratification. Oplan Exodus was launched in a covert manner under the watchful eyes of the CIA. The lives of 44 SAF Commandos were  sacrificed in the altar of counter-terrorism program of America – not for the Philippines.

The nation went into mourning, but OPPAP honcho, Ging Deles was so naive in admitting that MILF, is not a terrorist group.

The PNP-SAF had paid the highest price of valor and gallantry in facing their enemies in the cornfields of Mamasapano, yet, PNoy is foolishly absolving the sins of perpetrators of the carnage, and continuing wearing his bare face campaign for the passage of the BBL, because according to him, this is an opportunity to peace.



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