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The province of Albay has its latest additional landark, this time on sound environmental house keeping marker.


Legazpi City, [07.18.17] –  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [UNESCO] Biosphere Reserve Marker of Albay was formally opened to public on Monday at the Pacific Blue Dive Center in Barangay Puro, Legazpi City.

biosphere-albayThe occasion was attended by Albay 2nd District Congressman Joey Sarte Salceda, DENR-Bicol Regional Director Crisanta Marlene Rodriguez, Dr. Arnulfo Mascariñas, the President of Bicol University and representatives of  Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara and Mayor Noel Rosal.

According to Congressman Salceda, the declaration of the province by UNESCO as Biosphere Man Reserve is a recognition of  good ecological house keeping of the province. He also said, in the entire country only Albay and Palawan received this type of declaration. The institution recognizes the high level of environment conservation program dedicated to the province’s next   generation.

Albay along with 19 other places around the world was recognized by UNESCO and together with the World Network of Biosphere Reserve, he added.

Albay was declared as UNESCO Biosphere Man Reserve in Lima Peru last year.

Tabaco BayIt covers the 250,000 hectares of mountain in the province particularly the  north east portion of Mayon Volcano. The areas of these are found mostly  in the second district of Albay covering the mountains of 2nd Distict of Legazpi City, Manito, Rapu Rapu and Tiwi.

Cutting of  trees in these areas are strictly prohibited and the conservation and protection is being undertaken by DENR ang implementasyon.

The Congressman of the 2nd District also stressed the importance of the philosophy called “whole of the nation” approach in the conservation in these areas as stipulated in UNESCO declaration. The DENR, Bicol University, the Provincial Government of Albay, Legazpi City, entire local government  units of Albay, the public and the private sector must see to it supporting each other for this cause.

Salceda assured the help from Bicol University and DENR-Bicol to play the role in order to seek funds to preserve the area.

The conservation and protection entails a sustainable studies on our environment  that provide us with safe clean source of potable water, clean air, food and lessen the threats of natural calamities due to climate change, he ended.

The terrestrial elevation of the site culminates at 2,462 metres, while its marine part reaches a depth of 223 below sea level. The site’s high conservation value is constituted, notably, by 182 terrestrial plant species, 46 of which are endemic. Its marine and coastal ecosystems comprise 12 species of mangrove, 40 species of seaweed or macro-algae, and 10 species of sea grass. Five of the world’s seven species of marine turtles are also found in Albay. Agriculture is the main source of income in the area.

Biosphere reserves are places for learning about sustainable development aiming to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with the sustainable use of natural resources.

The province is now considered as a “Science for Sustainability support site,” places that are considered as “learning sites” for sustainable development issues.