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Responding policemen have their own discretions and reflexes in reacting to situation in line of duty – in Tiwi, Albay, a young policemen was wounded and lost his service firearm to a wily logger, while, in Ligao City, responding cop used his service fire arm to repulse  bolo attack.




disarmedLegazpi City, [07.17.17] – A junior  policeman in Tiwi, Albay was rushed to a local hospital in Tabaco City for medical treatment after he was wounded on his right arm when he was shot by an still unnamed illegal logger in Barangay Naga, Tiwi, Albay this morning, police report said.  

Albay Police Provincial Office Public Information Officer, Police Chief Inspector disclosed that an anti-illegal logging operation has led to the wounding of Police Officer Castelo and losing his service fire arm.

The incident transpired at 12:30 o’ clock in the morning today in Purok 1, Barangay Naga, Tiwi, Albay.

The anti-illegal logging operation led to the interception of three  unidentified male persons transporting assorted lumber on board a motorcycle.

Police Officers [PO1 Daryl Castelo and PO2 Mark Anthony Remon] approached and intruduced themselves as police oficer and asked the illegal loggers for an authorization to transport lumber, however, one of the logger suddenly grabbed  the service pistol of PO1 Castelo  and  shot him.

The police officer sustained gunshot wound on his right hand. Police Officer Remon retaliated, but the suspects managed to fled and carting away the service pistol of PO1 Castelo.

PO1 Castelo was brought to Ziga Memorial District Hospital in Tabaco City for medical treatment, while Tiwi Municipal Police Station launched a hot pursuit operation against the fleeing suspects.

boloMeanwhile, a responding policemen who proceeded to a stabbing incident in Barangay Tuburan, Ligao City this morning, was able to neutralized a bolo-wielding suspect by shooting him on his chest.

The suspect who was identified as Chris Gamot tried to assault Senior Police Officer 2 Rosal during the confrontation in Barangay Dunao after a brief chase from Tuburan to Dunao.

The suspect who stabbed Martin Laurence Robles y Loyola,31 years old, single, auditor of Willy and Sons of Barangay Barangay Market site, Daraga, Albay was brought to Josefina Belmonte Duran Memorial District for medical treatment.