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suicide by hangingLegazpi City, [07.13.17] – Ligao City has its additional statistics of suicide [death by hanging] this month,  and the victim is a 16 years old lad of Barangay Tastas, Ligao City Police Station report said.

Police Superintendent Lea B. Supelana, Ligao City Police Station Chief of Police, told The Philippine Examiner that the victim has committed suicide by hanging.

“The mother of the victim, Mrs. Avelina Tolarba y Presenta, 56 years old, married and a resident of Purok-4, Barangay Tuburan, Ligao City, reported to Ligao City Police Station on July 12, 2017 at 3:41 o’ clock in the afternoon that her son, Anton Tolarba y Presenta, was found lifeless while hanging at a make-shift basketball ring at the residence of her older son, Angelo Tolarba y Presenta,” police report said.

The victim is a 16 years old freshman student enrolled at Alternative Learning School and a resident of Barangay Tastas, Ligao City has committed suicide last July 7, 2017, but was only reported by the family  six days after – the family tried to hide the suicide incident, but was compelled to report to the authorities for fear that their dead will be denied a funeral mass, another source said.

Superintendent Supelana revealed their initial investigation was established that the victim is possibly suffering an emotional stress [heartbroken].An unconfirmed report, the victim has parted ways ways with his girlfriend.

Victim's final text to his peers. Photo by Ligao City Police Station.

Victim’s final text to his peers. Photo by Ligao City Police Station.

Investigators was able to get hold of the victim’s last text [sms] messages sent to to his friends, he wrote it in vernacular:  [Putang buway kadi naka sawa na] or Bitch, this life is tiring.

The case of Anton Tolarba is the latest suicide incident in Ligao City. The  last incident was recorded by police last  June 14, 2017, the victim Errol Gumba y Comeda, 22 yrs old, single of Sitio Labao, Purok 7, Barangay Guilid, Ligao City hanged on a santol tree.

On April 26 this year, a fifteen years old Grade 7 student, Restituto Barnuevo Jr y Delos Santos, hanged himself using scraped Málóbágó bark.

In the same vein, suicide statistic in Albay showed 24 recorded cases. It reveals that majority who committed suicide last year, were males with a record of 21 cases with only three [3] cases committed by female. Also there were 18 cases of suicides were committed by singles, two [2] by married and four [4] suicide incidents were committed by widows.

The established reasons of suicides were commonly attributed to – mental disorder with four cases [4], two [2] on health illnesses, 8 emotional problems, two [2] family problems and eight [8] other underlying reasons, report explained.