The Albayanos are now caught in the midst of  blooms of capitalist greed after the Albay Power Energy Corporation [APEC]  took over the management of Albay Electric Cooperative.

Their flowering  greed  is slowly showing the bitter fruit of privatization, by implementing poor services aimed to rake profits, the way it used to be.

Their greed is aggravating because of the wanton disregard of consumers’ welfare by robbing Albayanos their most cherished democratic representation in the policy making like what it was practiced before.

Prior to the coming of Typhoon Glenda  that ravaged the province, APEC’s ineptitudes was already experienced by its consumers through erratic billing system.

This means to say that they don’t have the much needed system in the providing efficient and reliable monthly billing, they promised to the consumers that they will expedite these glitches – however, the so called “data migration” from the old files to their new files is just an imaginary system that made their words,  an empty promise.

Again a another perfect storming is coming in Albay, and this is called, “Hurricane Rate Increase!

This is another burden we are facing again.

This is a yoke and an additional burden among the consumers, not only the additional rate – but the manner of the conduct of public hearing.

Their base of operation is in the province of Albay, but the venue of public hearing will  be held in Metro Manila.

Travelling to Manila is no joke. This is an abuse and an insult to the 200,000 Albayano consumers.

Consumer right, is a human right.

Without participation by the member consumers in the public hearing on he proposed rate increase is a privae corporate hearing, not a public hearing.

Will the majority of the consumer will agree to this?

I am hoping that the  bishop will attend to the clamors of his flocks.