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redantoneSenator Chynthia Aguilar-Villar went overboard by urging restaurants to stop offering extra rice – using her power as a chair of Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food.

I call this move as an excessive legislative intervention on the Filipino diet — She, should told it to her grandchildren instead, not to the Filipino nation.

Serving extra rice in restaurants is purely an entrepreneurial decision that does not need state intervention in the first place. The lady Senator from Las Piñas can not even equate that “unli rice” is inimical to rice self-sufficiency program of the country.

Traditionally, an average Filipino family loves to eat rice with assorted viands three times a day at the very least, embarking on such intervention will be uncalled for as it will jeopardize the gastronomical freedom of Filipinos.

It sounds absurd to limit rice consumption inside restaurants for an unfounded fear as national rice consumption will be restrained by invoking the unmet rice production.

Why curbe rice consumption in the first place?

It’s the food managers of this country are at fault for not realizing the desired national output in securing the country’s food security based on their timeline.

The realization of the 2017 projected rice production of 12 million metric tons will be a bench mark for the Department of Agriculture’s deliverables.

A score card that the Filipino people will be waiting for until to the last day of office under Secretary Piñol.

It’s irrational for Senator Villar to call for her mypic vision in pushing for the rice sufficiency program of the government by planning to ban unlimited rice, where in fact she totally missed to unearth the root cause of unmet rice production target in the country.

As a legislator she should champion the cause for the support the advancement of sustainable agriculture practice in the Philippines as the viable alternative to conventional chemical farming and corporate plantations to achieve food security for Filipinos alongside with genuine land distribution program.

Doing this, is an of act of contrition on their part as they ventured in realty business that converted million hectares of arable lands into subdivision all over the country, before they entered politics.

After all, massive land conversion has painted dreadful scenarios on a bleak  prospect of land entitlement of the marginal  farmers that your perceive fear on the unlimited rice.

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