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Slain rebel body in Abella, Ligao City encounter. Philippine Army photo.

Slain rebel body in Abella, Ligao City encounter. Philippine Army photo.

Legazpi City, [06.12.17] – An still unidentified body who is suspected to be a member of a local communist guerilla front operating in the 3rd District of Albay was reportedly killed in an encounter between the New People’s Army and Philippine Army  in Barangay Abella, Ligao City this morning, police report said.

In a message sent by Ligao City Police Station to Camp Simeon A. Ola the  Army detachment in Barangay Abella was harassed this morning that led to one casualty from the rebel side and the recovery of the following items in the encounter site;

One (1) M16 Rifle with defaced serial numbers

One (1) M635 with defaced serial numbers

One (1) Bandoler

Three (3) Land Mines and

Three (3) Back Packs.

No casualy was reported on government troops.

Meanwhile the Abella detachment is under enemy fire, another armed encounter between the troops of Philippine Army and unidentified lawless group between the bounderies of Barangay Malama and Bacong, Ligao City was also reported to Ligao City Police Station.

In the same vein, an undetermined number of communist terrorists guerilla also harassed the CAFGU Active Auxillary detachment in Barangay Cuyaoyao, Pio Duran, Albay.

The undetermined numbers of communist guerilla positioned in a distance of more or less 500 meters in the west portion of the detachment.

The rebels used rifle grenade and undetermined burst of fire from 5.56 rifle, the rifle grenade exploded more or less 150 meters from the detachment and it lasted for about five minutes.

No casualty on the government side, the report ended.